Volunteerism ROI Tracker Case Study: The University of Phoenix

We had the chance to talk with Lauren Keeler, the Director of Community Engagement in Corporate Social Responsibility at Apollo Group. True Impact has worked with Lauren for the last two years to track the impact of employee volunteers, who contributed more than 70,000 hours to their local communities in 2011.

Measurement is part of the University of Phoenix’s community engagement strategy. “We’re making a conscious effort to include long-term metrics with our national projects. We’re planning pre- and post-measurement evaluations, and we’re making a priority with partnership agreements,” says Lauren.

One of these measurement strategies, the Volunteerism ROI Tracker, found that the University of Phoenix’s volunteer program positively influenced employee engagement, brand exposure, and nonprofit capacity. For highlights of their program's social,employee, and business impacts, download the University of Phoenix Volunteerism ROI Tracker Case Study.

University of Phoenix Employee Volunteerism Case Study

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