Encouraging skills‐based volunteerism: Tools to Scale Pro Bono

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During the National Conference on Volunteerism and Service, I was lucky enough to co-lead a roundtable on encouraging skills‐based volunteerism with Danielle Holly, the Executive Director of Common Impact, and Lindsay Firestone, the Director of Advisory Services at the Taproot Foundation. During the roundtable, we shared a set of resources to help participants build, grow, and measure the impact of skills-based and pro bono service. Danielle and Lindsay shared their work on the Readiness Roadmap, the product of a collaborative partnership between Taproot, Common Impact, Points of Light, and Capitol One.

Those of you who missed the conference have access to the full resources below. Designed for companies across many stages of their development, they will help you:  

    • Make the business case to build the internal support for a skills-based volunteer program
    • Design a program that aligns with your company’s culture, its business & community goals
    • Find nonprofit organizations that are ready to engage in skills-based projects
    • Manage the program to ensure a great experience for your employees and partners
    • Measure the program’s success across the metrics that matter to your company
Thanks to Lindsay and Danielle for sharing their knowledge and expertise!

Making the Business Case

Designing a Skills-Based Volunteer Program

Finding the Right Nonprofit Partners

Managing Skills-Based Volunteer Programs

Measuring the Impact

Case Studies


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