Social Investment Collaboratives


Hunger and Nutrition


We are organizing groups of Fortune 500 companies interested in measuring the results of their philanthropic investments.  The purpose is to help you:

  • Capture and report on the true social impact of your cash, volunteerism, and in-kind donations

  • Improve the efficacy of your nonprofit partners, by sharing best practices and benchmarks

  • Guide your investment decision-making in the future, to maximize Social Return on Investment (SROI)



This initiative is facilitated by True Impact (TI), with minimal demands on corporate members. Briefly, the stages include:

  • Selection. Member companies provide TI a list of nonprofit partners to participate in reporting initiative.
  • Training. TI holds training for nonprofits, including introduction to the standardized performance indicators and reporting platform.
  • Reporting. Nonprofits create draft program reports, receive feedback from TI staff, and then finalize reports.
  • Analysis. TI analyzes impact data, resources, and lessons learned and generates a custom (and confidential) social impact and benchmarking report for each participating company.

The only demands on your time are two one-hour conference calls -- one at the beginning of the initiative, to review and workshop the performance indicators; and one at the end, to review and workshop the analysis results and final reports.

For a "sneak peek" of the results, click here:  STEM Education, Hunger and Nutrition



One of the additional benefits of this initiative is the modest participation fee, as the cost of this research and development initiative is shared among participants. 

This includes 10 nonprofit investments (cash grants or donations of in-kind goods or services). Additional investments may be included for an additional fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do the indicators come from?
    • We will propose draft indicators for this initiative, based on our 14+ years of experience in providing social impact measurement services to the charitable sector, and based on the specific philanthropic investments submitted by members of the collaborative.  Member companies and their nonprofit partners will have the opportunity to provide their input to guide their refinement.
  • How will you collect the data?
  • How does this relate to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
    • All of the indicators we use will map to the SDGs, to facilitate reporting.
  • Can I join additional collaboratives like this?
    • Yes!  See the form below for additional social investment collaboratives currently being implemented, or soon to be so.
  • How can I learn more?
    • Please contact us using the form below.  We'd be happy to answer additional questions or arrange a call at your convenience.

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