Impact Measurement for CSR and ESG Programs

True Impact's advanced measurement software validates the impact of your grants, volunteerism, and in-kind donations, generating the insights you need for proving -- and improving -- the value of your philanthropic investments.


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True Impact has over 18 years of experience helping more than 150 Fortune 500 companies measure and maximize their charitable impact.

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Why do traditional impact
measurement approaches fail?

Wrong Data

Most grants and volunteer systems track how much you give and whom you serve (outputs), not how you’re improving people's lives (outcomes).

Wrong Format

Typical reporting allows nonprofits to use unique metrics, making comparative or aggregate analyses across organizations impossible.

Wrong Processes

Hardworking funders and grantees are already overtaxed. Getting good data is simply too complex, too expensive, and too time consuming.

This leaves you...

  • Unable to demonstrate the real impact of your effort
  • Without compelling answers to key stakeholder questions
  • Guessing how to best “move the needle” on top social objectives

Helping You Prove and Improve Your Impact

We understand how frustrating it is to lack the data to demonstrate the value of your philanthropic programs and guide future donation decisions to maximize results.

That’s why we created the first and only platform combining turnkey simplicity with expert support to generate the data you need to prove and improve the impact of all your philanthropy–without overburdening your team or your nonprofit partners.

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Need help thinking through your
social impact measurement challenges? 

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Three Ways True Impact Can Help You—
and Your Nonprofit Partners


1.  Improve Data

True Outcomes

Expert technical assistance guides your nonprofits to report on outcomes, not just inputs and outputs.

100% Nonprofit Accessibility

Any nonprofit can report, regardless of their size, capacity, sophistication, or data availability (or lack thereof).

Claim Calculations & Roll Ups

Automatically calculate how much of each nonprofit’s impact you can claim, and your aggregate impact on key causes across all of your donations.

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2.  Save Time

One-Stop Measurement (All Programs)

Cover all of your grants, volunteerism, and in-kind contributions in one place.

One Report (All Stages)

Streamline reporting by enabling your nonprofit partners to use the same user-friendly True Impact report at each stage of your donation process: application (i.e., initial forecast), midpoint update, and final results.

API Integration

Eliminate duplicative efforts for your staff and your nonprofit partners by integrating True Impact with your existing grants or volunteer management system or data warehouse.


3.  Increase ROI

Management KPIs

Promote accountability by monitoring reporting compliance, variances from initial forecasts, and renewal drivers.

Investor KPIs

Calculate social return on investment (SROI), leverage/catalytic impacts, data quality, and many other CSR metrics.

Benchmarking & Best Practices

Comparative analyses help guide investment and program management decisions.

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"True Impact has served as a trusted resource as we continue to refine the measurement of our grantee partners’ impact. Our partnership gives us confidence, knowing that our grantees have reporting flexibility and support in the hands of True Impact’s thoughtful, creative and responsive team."
Sarah Davison
Sarah Davison Program Specialist

Our Experience

Since 2005, we've helped companies and nonprofits—across virtually every industry and cause area—to measure and maximize their social good.


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