True Impact®

Benchmarking Code of Conduct

We adhere to the following code of conduct to:
  • Guide our benchmarking efforts
  • Advance the professionalism and effectiveness of benchmarking
  • Ensure the validity and confidentiality of data
  • Protect the privacy of our clients
  • Promote continuous improvement in the most efficient, effective, and ethical manner possible

1.0 Legality

1.1 Avoid discussions or actions that could lead to or imply an interest in restraint of trade, market and/or customer allocation schemes, price fixing, dealing arrangements, bid rigging, or bribery. Don’t discuss costs or prices with competitors.

1.2 Do not extend benchmarking study findings to another company without first ensuring that the data is appropriately blinded and anonymous so that the participants’ identities are protected.


2.0 Exchange

2.1 Provide information in a timely manner as outlined by the stated benchmarking schedule.


3.0 Confidentiality

3.1. Treat benchmarking interchange as confidential to the individuals and companies involved. Company-specific data and accompanying analysis should be shared only with the individual(s) submitting the data and should not be shared outside of said individual(s) either internally within the individual(s)’ organization or externally outside of True Impact without the prior consent of the individual(s) who submitted the data.

3.2. Each participating company’s name may be referenced as a participant in True Impact’s benchmarking initiatives and used externally to allow other companies to understand who is involved within each benchmarking study.


4.0 Use

4.1 Use information obtained through benchmarking only for purposes stated to the benchmarking partner.

4.2 The use or communication of a benchmarking partner’s name with the data obtained or practices observed requires the prior permission of the benchmarking partner.

4.3 Contact lists or other contact information provided in any form may not be used for purposes other than benchmarking and networking.


5.0 Contact

5.1 Respect the corporate culture of partner companies, and work within mutually agreed procedures.

5.2 Use benchmarking contacts designated by the partner company if that is its preferred procedure.

5.3 Obtain mutual agreement with the designated benchmarking contact on any hand-off of communication or responsibility to other parties.

5.4 Obtain an individual’s permission before providing his or her name in response to a contact request.

5.5 Avoid communicating a contact’s name in an open forum without the contact’s prior permission.

The True Impact Benchmarking Code of Conduct is based on the American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC)’s Benchmarking Code of Conduct (used with permission).

Effective date: January 2014