One Report for All of Your Donors

True Impact is on a mission to make social value measurement easier—and more valuable—for nonprofits and their philanthropic partners.

Find out how our Impact Receipts can reduce your workload while earning you more support and more insights into improving your efficacy. 

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Right now, every donor's reporting template is its own special snowflake
(as we know you are very aware). 

Each report asks how your organization is making a difference in a different way. True Impact is on a mission to change that. We are creating a standardized impact reporting platform that will make it easy for:

  • You to forecast, measure, and report on your impact.
  • Your funders to access your impact data, reducing the burden on you.
  • Nonprofits and funders supporting the same causes and communities to find each other.
Currently, nonprofits are able to complete an Impact Receipt by invitation only. Soon we will open this to all nonprofits. Join the waitlist and we'll be in touch.
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Make measurement reporting a strength, not a hassle.

We still have a ways to go before we are grant-reporting snowflake free. In the meantime, we’ve made it easy and free for you to create your own report to document your impact, called an Impact Receipt, for each of your programs.

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Demonstrate Your Impact

Use True Impact’s expert guidance to define and share your key outcome metrics to existing or prospective donors.

  • No need for additional data gathering—we use what you have on hand.
  • Report on any donation: cash, volunteerism, or in-kind contributions.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Create and update one report for each of your programs.

  • Simply add a donor’s email address to automatically send them a copy with real time updates and calculations of how much impact they can claim.
  • Next year’s report is even easier, with True Impact’s clone and edit function.
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Continuously Improve

Fill gaps in your existing measurement processes using practical tools, best practices, and benchmarks (all free).

  • Better data helps guide program improvement and greater social impact.
"Working with True Impact feels different. They don't let you get away with BS or fluff. They want to know what our impact really is. And they help you get there. Now when I talk about our work, I have a way stronger story to tell. And plus when you create your first report, you are creating your final report too. And figuring out how to measure it all. It's pretty awesome."
Recent True Impact Nonprofit Participant

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Create a free nonprofit account  and list each of the programs or initiatives you want to report on. Step-by-step guidance helps you define the most compelling elements of each: what you’re achieving, where, with whom, and how. Each program report has three stages: Initial Forecast, Midpoint Update, and Final Report.

nonprofit impact contribution dashboard
1. Create Initial Forecast

Describe your program and what impact you expect to have by the end of the funding period.

Optional Feedback: True Impact staff and your sponsoring donor provide custom feedback on your initial forecast.

2. Update Forecast

At the program midpoint, update your initial impact forecast if necessary

3. Report Final Results

Replace your forecast impacts with actual results.

Impact Receipts are available by invitation only right now. Soon, all nonprofits will be able to get one. Sign up for the waitlist and we'll be in touch.

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