Impact Receipt®

All stakeholders - donors, intermediaries, and nonprofits/NGOs - use the same universal report for social investments. The Impact Receipt contains all the data you need, and none of the data you don't.

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Impact Receipt


Donors use True Impact to establish their investment objectives, supplement applications for contributions, and to monitor and report on results. Steps include:


Set Up Indicators

True Impact staff evaluate donor’s existing portfolio of investments, develop draft indicators, and then work with them to revise them into consensus final form.


Invite Initial Forecasts

Send True Impact invitations to prospective grantees as part of your application process. The nonprofits generate prospective Impact Receipts by forecasting expected impacts, facilitating investment decisions.


Monitor Progress

Once the contribution is approved, the donor monitors how actual results compare to initial forecasts during program implementation, as the nonprofit updates the report.

Nonprofits / NGOs

Nonprofits create a free True Impact account to generate Impact Receipts for each of their funded programs or initiatives to respond to a specific donor request, or proactively seeking to satisfy other reporting requirements. Steps include:


Create a Report

Use True Impact’s simple interface to summarize the core elements of your program or initiative, and forecast your expected outcomes over your upcoming funding term.


Log Investments

Enter each of your donor’s investments of cash or in-kind goods/services (as either a request or already approved donation) and apply it to the relevant program reports. This will automatically generate an Impact Receipt (grant report) for the donor.


Update Results

Over the course of the program’s funding term, update the content of your report as appropriate (either with updated forecasts or final results). Donors’ Impact Receipts will automatically update with this new information.


Benchmark & Improve

Participate in True Impact’s evolving activities around best practice identification and resource sharing among nonprofits with similar social focus areas.

For federated networks or other nonprofit consortia, True Impact “Headquarter Accounts” can be used to link individual nonprofit accounts so to facilitate benchmarking or aggregate reporting.

Intermediary Organizations

For organizations that facilitate philanthropic activities -- such as grant management  or volunteer management systems or portals, donor advised funds, or technical assistance and program management providers -- True Impact provides a powerful, turnkey impact reporting solution to enhance philanthropic intermediary services.

True Impact’s flexible integration options -- either through simple link sharing, embedded iFrames, or full data exchange through our comprehensive application program interface (API) layer -- we can supercharge your current software solution.

  • Enhance your Nonprofit Database

    Improve (potential) donors’ ability to identify nonprofit investments opportunities that best meet their needs by incorporating True Impact logic models (theory of change illustrations) and quantitative social outcome metrics in your nonprofit database

  • Supercharge Donor Reporting

    As donors invest money, time, or in-kind goods or services through facilitated grants, volunteerism, or other social investments, True Impact automatically generates an Impact Receipt®, calculating how much social impact the donor can claim as a result of their investment.

  • Analyze & Aggregate Results

    Strengthen your reporting to key internal or external stakeholders by using True Impact’s standardized outcome metrics to rollup the aggregate impact of all the philanthropic activities you facilitate

    Drive continuous improvement by identifying and sharing best practices among your facilitated activities.

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