Better philanthropy through better data.

True Impact is a web-based measurement tool and benchmarking network for the charitable sector.

Donors and nonprofits use True Impact to measure the social impact of their grants, volunteerism, and other philanthropic investments, to demonstrate success and identify opportunities for improvement.

True Impact integrates with any grants or volunteer management system.

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Make your reporting easier and more useful

Create an Impact Receipt® for all of your philanthropic investments using True Impact’s standardized (and evolving) library of leading philanthropic taxonomies and performance indicators.

  • Prove Value

    Prove Value

    Build support by quantifying your social impact

  • Save Time

    Save Time

    One report satisfies all of your reporting requirements; integrates with any IT system

  • Improve Performance

    Improve Performance

    Identify what interventions work best, to guide donations and program design

True Impact Dashboard Screen

How it Works

Donors use True Impact to supplement their existing grants and volunteer management systems -- integrated with applications for contributions and/or progress reports -- to monitor and report on their social return on investment (SROI). Steps include:


Create program report

Nonprofits create a universal social impact report for each of their programs or initiatives, containing key descriptive information and quantitative social impacts guided by True Impact’s modeling wizard


Log contributions

Donations of cash, goods, or volunteer time are logged into the system


Issue Impact Receipt

True Impact automatically sends a copy of the report to the donor, including an allocation of how much of the social impact they can claim based on their donation.

View impact receipt and see how it works for:

True Impact works with any existing grants management or volunteer management system, offering direct data-integration through its open-API platform.

Features that make your philanthropic reporting easier and more useful

  • Quantify outcomes

    Quantify outcomes

    Logic model wizard translates activities to results

  • Ensure accountability

    Ensure accountability

    Tracks actual results against initial forecasts

  • Reduce administration

    Reduce administration

    Single universal report automatically updates all funders

  • Roll up results

    Roll up results

    Standardized indicators enable aggregate reporting across investments

  • Improve data quality

    Improve data quality

    Individual feedback ensures high quality reporting

  • Integrate and collaborate

    Integrate and collaborate

    Open API integrates with any IT system; enables cross-platform benchmarking

  • Ensure universal participation

    Ensure universal participation

    "Best available data" approach and multi-language capabilies enable reporting regardless of nonprofit capacity or location

  • Determine claim

    Determine claim

    Convert cash and in-kind donations into social impact based contribution or attribution

  • Promote learning

    Promote learning

    Training and support from our professional evaluators every step of the way

How Can True Impact Work for You?

As a supplement to the True Impact platform, we offer several tools and services. Learn More