Human resource (HR) policies, environmental sustainability practices, and diversity initiatives are often recognized as core “drivers” of business value: by improving employee wellbeing, reducing waste and environmental impact, and promoting inclusion, companies help attract and retain employees, increase productivity, and reduce inefficiency and risk.

True Impact provides resources to help quantify the social and business value of these win-win initiatives, to help managers prove – and improve – the social and business ROI.

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Custom Guidance

Leverage your existing infrastructure to capture your social and business impacts by following a custom Metrics Guide.  

This step-by-step measurement plan contains the following components:

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) for each of your programs or investment areas, including inputs, outputs, and short-, medium-, and long-term outcomes
  • Practical, agreed-upon implementation steps, including: who collects what data, how, when, and in what format; and customization options for your existing IT systems
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