Corporations, foundations, government agencies, and nonprofits invest billions of dollars in cash and in-kind goods and services each year to address society’s greatest needs and interests, spanning education, arts & culture, health & wellbeing, environmental sustainability, and more.

True Impact provides a range of practical performance-measurement tools for investors and social service providers to help quantify the social, environment, and business benefits of their philanthropic, community investment, and grantmaking activities.  The results help prove value, promote continuous improvement, and guide investment decisionmaking.  Our offerings:

  • Custom Metrics Guide / Grant ROI Tracker. A custom-designed measurement implementation plan and, if needed, a (fully managed) web-based reporting tool.
  • Measurement Workshop. A three-part interactive webinar series, providing individual guidance on developing a practical impact measurement plan.
  • Logic Model Tool. A user-friendly, web-based tool for developing your own *strategic* logic models. 

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