Safe Water Access


As part of PepsiCo’s holistic approach to water stewardship, the PepsiCo Foundation supports a range of projects and partners that help provide safe water access to underserved communities in China, India, Mali, Brazil, Colombia, and other Latin America countries, combating the global water crisis by providing millions of people around the world with access to safe water.

Sample Results:

To determine where their investments are helping to achieve the goal of realizing positive, sustained change in people’s lives, we configured the PepsiCo Foundation’s True Impact account to facilitate data collection across its range of implementation partners.

The following is a sample from its last public progress report, which illustrates how even disparate social investment strategies – including water conservation, distribution, purification and hygiene – can be harmonized across partners to yield common, and easily communicated, social outcomes:

Safe Water Access Provided to 5.5 M People
Improved Health Benefits from Donation

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