civic 50 logoAll eligible companies that submit a completed application for a local Civic 50 will receive a free Individual Scorecard -- which lists your company's score and ranking in each of the four evaluated dimensions -- and for The Civic 50 overall.

A Full Benchmarking Scorecard is also available, which is designed to:

  • Provide additional detail on your community engagement program’s strengths, to aid reporting to key internal or external stakeholders
  • Provide additional detail on how to improve your community engagement program, at the dimension- or question-level

The following sections provide additional information on these scorecards, followed by contact form for ordering a scorecard or requesting additional information.

Individual Scorecard

This free, one-page scorecard summarizes how your company scores and ranks in each dimension, as compared to all other qualified participants in The Civic 50.  Content includes:

Individual Report

  • Score.  The number of points your company earned overall and in each dimension
  • Top 50.  Whether your company achieved Top 50 status
  • Rank.  Your company's numerical ranking as compared to all participants i The Civic 50
  • Tier.  Your company's relative ranking, based on the following tiers: Top 10%, Top 25%, Top 50%, Lower 25%, or Bottom 25%
  • Medal.  Your company's medal count, by dimension (Gold for Top 10%, Silver for Top 25%, and Bronze for Top 50%)


Full Benchmarking Scorecard

This enhanced 11-page scorecard (when printed out) includes all of the content of the Individual and Sector scorecards (i.e., your score and ranking, overall and by sector, for each of the four Civic 50 dimensions), while also including:

  • Scores and rankings by individual question, to quantify and celebrate your individual civic engagement strengths (to aid reporting)
  • Detailed (over 140!) question-level benchmarks, to guide improved civic-engagement performance

Each dimension is addressed individually (two pages per dimension), includes detailed commentary explaining the results, and comes with a complimentary walk-through by True Impact. The following is an example of the scorecard (dimension 1 only):




  • % tot pts. The percentage of available points you earned for each question
  • Your Rank. Your per-question ranking (overall and for your industry)
  • Vs. Average. How much your score differs from the average for that question (overall and for your sector)
  • Percentile. Your relative ranking tier (i.e., Top 10%, 25%, or 50%; Lower 25%, or Bottom 25%) for each question (overall and for your sector)
  • Top X% if more than. The minimum value required to be in each performance tier (scorecard includes one grid with overall benchmarks, and another for your sector specifically)
  • The distribution of scores for each dimension across all companies in The Civic 50, and where your company falls within that distribution

Order a Scorecard / Request More Information

The following are the costs associated with each scorecard:

  • Individual Scorecard (free)
  • Comprehensive Scorecard (Small Companies: <99 employees): $200
  • Comprehensive Scorecard (Medium Companies: 100-499 employees): $350
  • Comprehensive Scorecard (Large Companies: 500+ employees): $500

Each enhanced scorecard purchase comes with a confidential, 60-minute walkthrough of your results by phone provided by True Impact staff.

To order your scorecard, or to request additional information, please complete the form below.  Requested scorecards will be emailed to you upon verification of your order


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