CSR + ESG Office Hours

Have questions about how to best align your CSR and ESG reporting? Curious if you are measuring the right things? Unsure how to get auditable and trustworthy data? We're here to help.

Join us for a free one-on-one conversation with one of our social impact experts. 

Feeling lost in the maze of ESG and CSR reporting? Let's chat.  

We've worked with hundreds of CSR professionals to improve their social impact strategies, reporting, and measurement goals. Building strong connections to their companies' ESG strategies and—consequently—their social and business value is some of the most impactful (pardon the pun) work we do. Join us for a one-on-one conversation to chat about how we can help you and your team.

This will be your time, but here are some of the topics we can cover:

  1. How to create a strategy that captures the "S" in ESG (and the "S" in CSR!).
  2. How proper impact measurement can get you the credibility and trust that your ESG reporting may be lacking now.
  3. How to use impact data to enhance reporting, marketing, and communications, even in an anti-ESG environment.

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