WEBINAR: What to Measure, How to Get Started, and How to Celebrate Your Results

As the saying goes, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

This is particularly true in the world of corporate social responsibility (CSR) impact measurement. For years now, many CSR programs have used proxy “impact” statements like, “We donated $3 million last year” and “We reached 2,000 people” instead of actual impacts—you know, how many people you helped!

If this sounds like your CSR program, this is the webcast for you.

In this previously recorded webinar with The Conference Board, True Impact joined forces with The PepsiCo Foundation to help you get started with proving—and improving—the value of your social impact programs through impact measurement.

Our team also shared a practical guide to help you communicate the results of your great work, using current examples from PepsiCo.

After watching this webinar, you will:

  • Know the four metrics you should be tracking when getting started with impact measurement
  • Translate proxy impact metrics (inputs, outputs) into real impact (outcomes)
  • Understand how measuring your CSR results can help you improve your impact


  • Sadie Miller, Director of Social Impact, True Impact
  • Meredith Shull, Impact Measurement and Evaluation Manager, PepsiCo Foundation 
  • Jeff Hoffman (Moderator), Institute Leader, Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy, ESG Center
    The Conference Board

Ready to go from "dollars donated" to "lives improved?" Sign up for a demo to see how True Impact can get your program from inputs to outcomes in only three months.

Image credit: CC BY 2.0


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