Points of Light and BoardSource.pngThe ROI Tracker is a sector-leading measurement service for quantifying and benchmarking the social and business value of your volunteerism (including traditional, skills-based, pro bono, and board service).

The ROI Tracker works with any existing volunteer management system to:

  • Prove value, by quantifying the social and business value you are generating (to help you prove value and build support among your stakeholders)
  • Increase ROI, by illuminating opportunities for improvement (to help you maximize the social and business return on investment of your activities)

Access your confidential, real-time ROI calculations and benchmark rankings at any time via your SSL-encrypted web-based account.

ROI/Benchmarking Reports contain quantitative and qualitative impacts, value drivers, and verbatim feedback regarding social value, satisfaction, sales, recruiting, stakeholder relations and brand effects.

ROI Tracker Reports

How it Works

We collect impact data directly from your volunteers and beneficiary organizations using web-based surveys (custom branded with your logo and contact information). Real-time benchmarking allows you to share custom reports with internal and external stakeholders that:

  • Quantify the business and social impacts of your volunteer activities
  • Anonymously benchmark your performance against other organizations
  • Include recommendations for improvement (i.e., how to increase social and business return on investment (ROI)).

It's entirely turnkey: just define the desired scope of your monitoring (activities and impacts), and we do the rest! It’s:

  • Simple. Signing up is easy, and setting up the survey takes less than 30 minutes of your time.
  • Powerful. Systematically collects key performance data, for strategic management.
  • Universal. Open to organizations of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits (large and small), and volunteer centers.
  • Private. Your results are confidential, and benchmarking occurs anonymously.
  • Platform neutral. Works with any third-party or custom management system (even Excel).
  • Customizable. Analyze all of your activities and impacts, or just a portion, as desired.


Join organizations of all sizes, industries, and sectors, including Apollo Education Group (click for case study), AT&T, Boeing, Deloitte, General Electric, Timberland, and UPS in this innovative, sector-leading initiative.

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Assessing the social and business value of volunteerism is the key to managing it strategically and maximizing ROI.  This is a pioneering - and much needed - tool.

-- Terrez Thompson, Director of Employee Engagement, Coca-Cola

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It is the only survey I have found to measure – and benchmark – actual employee volunteer impacts (beyond just satisfaction).  I highly recommend it.

-- Sean Rosas, Sr. Manager of Employee & Community Engagement, Salesforce.com


Measurement drives accountability and continuous improvement - few companies know that better than UPS. True Impact's turnkey tools and high-touch professional support has helped us bring world-class, yet user-friendly, metrics to the management of our community engagement activities.

-- Jerald Barnes, Director, Global Employee Engagement, The UPS Foundation

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Easy to administer, produced useful program insights, and reasonably priced: a great package!

-- Kim Frawley, Director, Corporate Responsibility, Pfizer

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It provided us important information we'd previously been unable to obtain, giving us new insights into what makes our program valuable and how we can improve.

-- Anna Cunningham, Manager, Global Responsibility, Starbucks Coffee Company

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The information was extremely useful and touched on key areas of business interest: an invaluable tool for strategic program management.

-- Immanuel Sutherland, Specialist, Community Relations and Employee Involvement Programs, Altria

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It provided great information that we always struggle to obtain...and it was easy!

-- Lauren Keeler, Director of Volunteerism, Apollo Group/University of Phoenix

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