Deed and True Impact Launch New Impact Measurement Partnership

We are excited to announce a powerful new partnership with Deed, designed to transform how companies measure and report the impact of their Corporate Social Responsibility programs. By combining our impact measurement solution with Deed’s innovative enterprise workplace giving and volunteering platform, we are making it easier for companies to capture, showcase, and make use of their social impact results.

Streamlined Impact Measurement Across Platforms 

The new integration between True Impact and Deed simplifies the notoriously difficult process of impact measurement. This partnership enables corporate citizenship professionals to more easily measure the outcomes of their company and employee efforts and make informed decisions based on real-time data. By automatically sending impact data between the two systems, users can now enjoy a seamless experience that saves time, reduces reporting burdens on nonprofits, and enhances accuracy.

Key Benefits of the Integration

The integration offers several benefits to users of both platforms:

  • Comprehensive Impact Visualization: See the impact of donation dollars and volunteer hours directly in Deed dashboards and reports, alongside other key metrics.
  • Time Savings: Automatic data capturing and merging between True Impact and Deed provides a holistic view of a company’s impact without manual data entry.
  • Accessible Reports: Impact reports are readily available in both platforms, ensuring that CSR teams and individual employees can always access results and understand the true impact of their efforts.

Enhancing CSR Storytelling and Decision-Making

This partnership goes beyond mere data collection. By offering better insights into what works, the integration empowers both CSR and nonprofit professionals to tell compelling, data-driven stories about their impact. Deevee Kashi, CEO and Co-Founder of Deed, highlighted this value: 

“Deed helps the Fortune 500 put a human face on corporate social responsibility. By going beyond measuring dollars donated and hours volunteered, some of the world’s most inspiring companies, from Airbnb to lululemon are telling true, data-driven stories of their incredible impact. Now, our integration with True Impact is reducing the strain that data collection can have on CSR teams and their nonprofit partners—bringing you greater value while you help your community.” 


Farron Levy, CEO and Founder of True Impact, emphasized the broader benefits: 

"Our mission is to make impact measurement easier and more accessible to CSR teams and their nonprofit partners. That’s why we are excited to partner with Deed. Our new integration will empower both CSR and nonprofit professionals with better insights on what works, leading to better storytelling for companies, easier reporting for nonprofits, and greater impact at a sector level." 

Join Us in Making a Difference

The collaboration between True Impact and Deed represents a significant step forward in CSR impact measurement. By making it easier to capture and amplify the impact of workplace giving and volunteer programs, we are helping companies and nonprofits alike to better understand and communicate their contributions to society.

Reach out now to learn more about how True Impact and Deed can enhance your CSR efforts. Join us and be part of this exciting journey towards greater social impact.

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