How to Demonstrate Your Social Impact in ESG Reporting [White Paper]

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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) has become a buzzword (or should we say “buzzletters?”) from the boardroom to the dinner table. But for corporate social responsibility (CSR) leaders, the growing prominence of ESG often leads to confusion: What is their role in the ESG reporting process, and how does CSR data fit in? 

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ESG reporting needs strong metrics to prove ROI to investors, demonstrate business value to leadership, and engage employees, job-seekers, and the local community. With little quantitative data to meet these needs, CSR reports often just focus on narratives and storytelling—instead of the clear business value needed to keep their programs running.

Relatedly, 54% of companies believe the “S” of ESG—the social arm of ESG, which includes corporate philanthropy, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and community engagement—is the most complex to measure.1 The lack of sector-wide standards around social impact reporting can make it difficult to know what kind of metrics to collect—and how to measure them. 

In fact, solidifying the link between CSR activities and ESG reporting can lead to exciting opportunities for corporate social impact. Corporate citizenship leaders with robust ESG data increasingly tell us how they’re meeting new  demands for their metrics from customers, potential partnerships, board members, and even company leadership. 

That’s why we created this white paper.

CSR and ESG: A Practical Guide
to Social Impact Reporting

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With our guide, ESG professionals will have the tools to use CSR to help power the “S” in their ESG reporting, and CSR professionals will have the insights to substantiate their corporate social impact via ESG reporting. 

This white paper offers an easy-to-incorporate framework to help your team better demonstrate the value of CSR to company leadership and shareholders, drive improvement for stakeholders, and strategically communicate the value of CSR in your ESG reporting—even in anti-ESG environments. 

We also offer dozens of reports, resources, and templates from some of the top organizations in the sector, such as Edelman, Deloitte, Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose (CECP), PwC, KPMG, The Conference Board, BDO, Sustainalytics, IBM, the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, and the most common ESG reporting frameworks.

Capturing the “S” in ESG can be complicated. This guide will make it easier for you and your team.  Fill out the form below to download the white paper and get started. 


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