WEBINAR: Drive Business & Social Impact with CSR & ESG Reporting

Solidifying the link between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environment, social, and governance (ESG) can lead to exciting opportunities for corporate citizenship professionals. However, the lack of sector-wide standards around social impact reporting makes it challenging to know just what kind of data to collect—and how to measure it well. 



In this session, previously recorded at the 2023 ACCP (Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals) CSR Marketplace Virtual, we’ll explain how to develop a social impact strategy, evaluate your impact, and leverage your results to capture the “S” in ESG (and CSR), even amidst ESG backlash.

By the end of this webinar, you'll have several takeaways to:

  • Use quantitative impact data—not just storytelling—to back up your social impact reporting
  • Determine how your community engagement initiatives benefit both your company and society-at-large
  • Align your CSR programs to your company's goals 
  • Generate metrics that can stand up to scrutiny, internal audits, and ESG data assurance 
  • Craft narratives that resonate with all your stakeholders
  • Address possible ESG backlash while reducing future risk, and more!


  • Sara Ansell, Senior Social Impact Manager, True Impact
  • Gabe Cohen, Director of Marketing and Partnerships, True Impact 

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